The Education Law sets legal framework for the Latvian Qualifications Framework

On June 18, 2015, the Latvian Parliament (Saeima) adopted amendments to the Education Law. The law is supplemented with a new article on the Latvian Qualifications Framework. LQF is defined as system of eight levels, which imparts basic, secondary and higher education stages and all the types (general, vocational/professional, academic) of education, as well as professional qualifications obtained outside the formal education system. The LQF is referenced to the European Qualifications Framework.

The LQF levels are characterized by learning outcomes achieved at the appropriate level. Each LQF level includes those learning outcomes that have been achieved in the previous levels.

The new article of Education Law briefly characterizes each level of the Latvian Qualifications Framework. More detailed LQF descriptors expressed in terms of knowledge, skills and competence are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.


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