Opening up the National Qualifications Frameworks for international qualifications

The Academic Information Centre – Latvian NCP arranged the international conference “Opening up the National Qualifications Frameworks for International Qualifications” held in Riga, Latvia (Avalon Hotel, 19 Street 13. janvāra) on 14 November 2014. 

This conference was aimed at promoting discussion regarding international qualifications:
•    What are international qualifications and what is their role in education and labour market?
•    Should we include international qualifications in the NQFs?
•    What is the most appropriate way to include international qualifications in the NQFs?

 Conference agenda


Baiba Ramiņadirector of Academic Information Centre 
Latest developments regarding the EQF and National Qualifications Frameworks (LV)

Loukas Zahilasacting head of area, Cedefop
International qualifications: Cedefop’s work (EN)

Wilfried Boomgaertchair of the EQF Advisory Group subgroup on international sectoral qualifications (Flemish Community of Belgium) 
Why is EQF so attractive for international sectoral qualifications? (EN)

Gunta Kinta & Rihards BleseAcademic Information Centre
The international qualifications in Latvia: Initial results of the study (EN)

Dagmar JelinkovaState Vocational Education Institute (Slovakia)
National qualifications framework in Slovakia (EN)

Arnis Bankovičsdirector of Maritime transport department, Latvian Maritime Academy 
Latvian Maritime Academy's experience (EN)

Nellija Janaus
director of CIDESCO International Riga School of Cosmetics 
International CIDESCO qualification (LV)

Līga Peiseniecevice rector for Academic affairs of BA School of Business and Finance 
SQA customized award

Īrisa Zvagulehead of Learning Solutions of Baltic Computer Academy
The ICT sector specialists'experience with international certification in Latvia (EN)