Higher education Diploma Supplement

On December 19 (2013) the Academic information Centre as the National Coordination Point for EQF organized seminar„Higher education Diploma Supplement”, which was held in Riga, Latvia.

The target audience of the seminar was representatives from universities and colleges who are responsible for preparing the Diploma Supplement. 

The seminar was aimed to introduce and inform participants with the European Commission recommendations on the information of Diploma Supplement, the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations Nr.202 „Procedures by which state recognised education documents certifying higher education are issued” (April 16, 2013), especially with inclusion of LQF/EQF levels in the Diploma Supplement and join degree Diploma Supplement.

The seminar was organised in terms of the European Commission project  project  379015-LLP-1-2012-1-LV-KA1-EQ_NCP “Activities of the EQF National Coordination Points with a view to implement the EQF at national level”.

The participation in the seminar was only with invitations.