Can EQF descriptors be used for NQF?

9. Can the descriptors of the EQF also be used for National Qualifications Frameworks?

The purposes of qualifications frameworks vary according to their context (either international, national, regional or sectoral comparison); therefore, the specific design of the frameworks will also differ. The EQF is designed as a meta-framework (see question 1) and consequently uses more generic descriptors than most national, regional or sectoral frameworks.

The EQF descriptors do not substitute for the descriptors of other qualifications frameworks.  But obviously, the structure and number of levels of these other descriptors can be orientated towards the EQF. That means the EQF descriptors should not be used as a blueprint for the development of other frameworks without clearly considering and reflecting the respective needs. However, the EQF descriptors can be used as a starting point for this process and they can be changed, complemented etc. if appropriate.