Next steps

The referencing process of qualifications to EQF should cover all education stages and forms, and all levels of professional qualifications, all types and forms of education (formal, non-formal).  In order to elaborate the Latvian Qualifications Framework and perform the referencing process in a successive and meaningful way, in Latvia it is planned in two phases.

Phase I (2009-2011)

The LQF comprising formal Latvian qualifications was established and it was referenced to the EQF. The revised  and updated Latvian Self-Assessment Report “Referencing of the Latvian Education System to the EQF for Lifelong Learning and the QF-EHEA” ( LV EN) was officially presented during the meeting of the EQF Advisory Group in October 2011 in Brussels.

Phase II (2013-2015)

The established framework was revised and reinforced with amendments to the Education Law and to the Vocational Education Law.

In 2016 the Academic Information Centre carries out a study on the development of the LQF. In 2017 a new Self-Assessment Report will be prepared.

After the amendments to laws and regulations the EQF level will be indicated in all certificates.